Dog Food Puzzle Toys | PVC Plastic



This dog puzzle toy is not only a dog treat dispenser toy but also a slide toy that will help encourage your dog to think over and improve decision-making and cognitive skills. While you're away, these treat toys for dogs can help them reduce stress and depression, inspire the minds, and redirect their destructive behavior. 


  • They're great for sensitive tummies to provide much-needed exercise. It's suitable for training dogs.
  • They alleviate boredom help prevent anxiety. Relieve the dog’s bad emotions.
  • They help with weight management keep puppies out of weight problems, which is better for dogs’ health.
  • Made with high-strength engineering PVC plastics: Environmental protection, tearing resistance, anti-aging, will not burst into sharp pieces.


  • Diameter: 9.8Inch
  • Height: 1.18Inch
  • Material: PVC plastic