Dog Training Flying Rings | Rubber



Game and exercise time enhance the relationship between the owner and the pet, cultivate the baby's body and coordination, improve the intelligence and creative spirit. It is light and has a round design, easy to grasp. Even if you play with the dog for a long time, you will not feel tired.


  • This toy is made of non-toxic EVA natural rubber with moderate softness and hardness. It is very tough and strong enough to make. 
  • This dog toy is completely safe for the dog's health, does not contain harmful chemicals, is non-toxic and tasteless.
  • The product is soft and light and can be deformed to its original shape at will, with high elasticity. There are concave and convex textures in the tension ring, which are tightly held and are comfortable.


  • Material: Rubber
  • Diameter: 16.5cm/6.5"