Feeding Stainless Steel Bowl | Anti-Slip



A set of 2 dog bowls, one for water and the other for food. The bowls are made of high-quality stainless steel which makes them rust-resistant. Both silicone stand and stainless steel bowl are dishwasher safe. Anti-corrosion and heat resistant, the stainless steel dog or cat bowl is durable for long-term use and healthy for your beloved pets especially for holding hot food and is easy to clean.


  • Made of environmentally friendly silicone material of cyclic utilization no pollution to the human body and the environment, safe, non-toxic, and odorless.
  • Contains silicone material with soft, flexible, durable, non-slip, and anti-pollution property, no need of worrying about the breakage of pet bowl. The protruding edge design to play an anti-spilling and leakage-proof role;
  • Two stainless steel pet bowls to get the dog food and water placed separately, easy to remove or wash at any time; All-in-one design of pet bowl and mat, easy to fold and store as the essential pet feeding supplies.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: S,M,L
  • Color: Black