Pets Heating Light | Non-Glare



The heat bulb increases the overall air temperature in the terrarium through infrared rays. It’s conducive to reptile activity, digestion, and mating. It creates a basking area for thermoregulation.


  • This reptile heat lamp is tested 4 times before leaving the factory to ensure the pass rate of the lamp. 
  • The UVA lamp simulates natural moonlight, provides heat for reptiles at night and promotes reptile sleep.
  • UVA ray crawlers to improve appetite, digestion of food is also very good help


  • Power: 80W/100W/160W
  • Input voltage: 220-240V
  • Light source: UVA+UVB full spectrum
  • Shade material: Glass
  • Lamp head material: Nickel-Pplated Copper
  • Size(about):
    (80W) 8.5*12.5cm/3.35*4.92in
    (100W) 9.5*14.5cm/3.74*5.71in
    (160W) 11.5*15.5cm/4.53*6.10in

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